Maurizio / Big Daddy

  • Board member of the Italian Swing Dance Academy.
  • Band leader of the ¨Billy Bros. Swing Orchestra’ and of the ‘Hoofers Club¨.
  • Double bass player, singer, arranger, writer, Lindy hop teacher, Swing historian.
  • Artistic director (Swing on the Beach – LOT Lindy Old Timers).
  • MC (Royal Swing Fest – Taranto Swing Festival – Swing on the Beach – Swing & Milan – Swing Crash -Rome Lindy Exchange – You wanna be Americano – Perugia Swing Festival).
  • DJ (Swing Crash – Swing on the Beach – Rome Lindy Exchange – Roman Holiday – You wanna be Americano – Perugia Swing Festival).
  • YouTube channel “All dat’s Swing!”.
  • Cultural “agitator” and passionate about all that “Swing”, Big Daddy is the first one to spread the Lindy Hop in Italy back in 1995; nowadays, a five years of cohabitation with the late Norma Miller, makes him the custodian and curator of the Afro – American heritage of Swing music and dance in Italy.